Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ashley Gracile presents THAT'S BOATING tips on chartering a yacht. THAT’S BOATING is a 160 episode TV series seen in 40 million US homes.

         THAT’S BOATING a 160 episode TV series                seen in 40 million US homes. 

THAT'S BOATING was created by and produced by Ashley Gracile. It's an exciting look at the lifestyle, destinations and practical information that surround pleasure boating. 

This story comes from our sister show Steel Dreams TV about the longest Yacht race in the world.

The TranspacificYacht Race (Transpac) is an offshore yacht race that’s considered to be the most grueling and longest yacht race in the world at a distance of around 2,225 nautical miles. At one point competitors are the furthest from land anywhere in the world

Started in 1906, it’s one of yachting's most prestigious and grueling offshore races. The race comes around only every couple years and attracts entrants from all over the world. Organized by the Transpacific Yacht Club…. Transpac starts off in Long Beach near Los Angeles, finishing off the Diamond Head Lighthouse in Honolulu

This exciting TV series celebrates life on the waterWhether it's exploring the Great Lakes by powerboat, sailing the emerald waters that surround the British Virgin Islands, crewing on some of the great wood-hulled ships of days long past or just fishing off your row boat; THAT’S BOATING covers it all.

This powerful broadcast television programming was developed and created by Ashley Gracile an Executive Producer and Show Runner in Los Angeles. 

Ashley founded GPI Content Corporation in order to bring you this great one of kind television along with 13 other TV series

We always cover a the broadest range of boating styles, from kayaks and canoes to sailboats and powerboats. 

Be sure to discover boating and the many pleasures the boating lifestyle delivers as we bring you boating destinations as diverse as the Caribbean, The Erie Canal System, Georgian Bay, The Inter Costal Waterway, San Francisco Bay and more. 

THAT’S BOATING experiences it all and when you're on board with us.... you will too. We profile a wide range of boats from kayaks to bass boats to yachts. To us; that's boating. 
We Sea Trial all sorts of boats and our reviews are complete with an assessment of it's features and performance.

So why not begin enjoying THAT’S BOATING right here... right now. Or search your local TV listings to see when THAT’S BOATING is on next. 
Discover boating and all the fun that goes with it only on THAT’S BOATING.